Spotify’s Important Tips And Tricks You should know.

Spotify has become one of the world’s largest streaming services, with more than 155 million active users. Every day about 60,000 songs are added to an already giant catalogue of 20 million songs. It’s hands down the best way to listen to music right now. Use these Spotify tips and tricks to make your experience even better.


Top 15 cool Tips and Tricks of Spotify :

1. Organize your playlists in folders

If you’ve been using Spotify for a while, you’ve likely amassed a huge jumble of playlists in your sidebar. Folders can help you sort your songs and keep your music neat looking. The fact that folders allow you to listen to all the playlists makes them even more of a must-use feature.

To create a folder, go to File > New Playlist Folder or use the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + N (Command + Shift + N on a Mac).

2. Make an empty playlist called “-” to make a divider

Ever find yourself sifting through tons of playlists and wish that Song could separate them? The solution is simple. Just make a new, empty playlist called “-” and Spotify will create a divider. So, this tip is a great way to keep your playlist area tidy and easy to navigate.

3. Use Spotify’s audio visualizer

This little easter egg adds a visual element that changes and evolves while you listen to music—type “Spotify:app: visualizer” in the search bar to be brought to the app. You can select different generators in the top bar of the page. My favourite is “Globe Normals”, but they’re definitely all worth checking out.

4. Follow your favorite artists

Spotify has a nifty follow feature available for every artist in their catalogue. Spotify will automatically send you notifications when you follow an artist when the band releases new tracks or albums. If the artist uses Spotify, then when you follow them, you’ll be able to see what they’re listening to in the sidebar to the right.

5. Easily share Spotify music with drag and drop

If you ever want to share a song in an email or IM, drag and drop it into the text area. Then Spotify will do all the linking and typing for you.

6. Assisted Playlisting

You’ve been able to create playlists on mobile devices for a while, but AI-backed “assisted playlisting” uses machine learning for more customized playlists. When you create a new playlist, the Spotify app will analyze the words you input as the playlist name to give you song recommendations. As you add songs to the playlist, the app changes the recommendations in real-time to give you more tailored suggestions based on the songs you’ve already added.

7. Organize Playlists in Folders

Not only can you organize tracks into playlists, but you can organize the playlists into playlist folders. On the desktop, select the three-dot menu on the top left and select File > New Playlist Folder. A new folder will appear below in the left-hand column. Give it a name, and then you can drag other playlists in and out of these collapsible folders. Notice .that clicking on the folder will show all the sub-playlists’ tracks. You can even nest folders inside other folders.

8. Discover and Save

Do you need new tunes? The Browse and Radio functions on the top left of the desktop are a good place to start. Every Monday, Spotify will also add a new crop of 30 songs to your Discover Weekly playlist. Moreover, Spotify robots select songs based on your listening habits. Find it under Browse > Discover on desktop; favourite it to have it show up under Playlists. On mobile, tap Home and scroll down to Made for [your username]. However, if you find something, be sure to save it, as Discover Weekly is replaced with a new playlist each week. Right-click or tap the three-dot icon and select Add to Playlist.

9. Use Spotify apps

Spotify introduced apps to their desktop applications in December 2011. Since then, a ton of apps have found their place on the platform. A lot of them are actually quite cool. You can use last—FM to find similar artists, Pitchfork to get album reviews, Tunewiki for lyrics, and more. Head over to the App Finder to check some of them out.

10. Spotify search better with modifiers

Much in the same way as Google, Spotify has search modifiers to help you find music quicker. Here are some of the best modifiers:





You can also exclude results with the above modifiers by typing NOT before what you want to exclude. For example, “NOT year:1970-2000” would exclude all songs released in the years 1970-2000.

11. Daily Mixes

Maybe no feature is more indicative of Spotify’s push into personalization than Daily Mixes, which serve up always-changing playlists based on previous listening, as well as songs you’ve favourited or added to playlists, usually grouped by genre. It’s a good mix of music you already know you like and a built-in discovery mechanism to stumble across new jams. So, if you’re a Spotify Free user, Daily Mix playlists have unlimited skips on mobile. Look for Made For You on the left-hand menu on desktop and Made for [your name] on mobile on the Home tab.

12. Download Music and Podcasts to Listen Offline

If you have Spotify Premium, you can download any podcasts, albums, or playlists (not individual songs) and listen offline. On the desktop, go to the content you want to download and toggle the Download button on the top right to on. Once a playlist is downloaded, you’ll see a green arrow next to it indicating that you can listen offline. On mobile, tap the downward-facing arrow; for playlists, you can also select the three dots and tap Download. To preserve data, go to Settings > Audio Quality > Download Using Cellular and check that the feature is off. This way downloads only happen when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

13. Import your own local music

Sure, Spotify has more than 20 million songs in their catalogue, but there are still a few tracks missing. You can import your own local music from the “Local Files” section in the Preferences menu. To get to it on a PC, go to Edit > Preferences or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P. On Mac, please find it in Spotify > Preferences or the keyboard shortcut Command +. Hit “Add Source” to add any folders that have the music you’re looking for.

14. Share a song from a specific time

Ever wanted to share a specific part of a song with someone? Just type “#0:00” after the Spotify URI and replace the 0:00 with the time you want the song to start at. For example: Spotify:track:6vSq5q5DCs1IvwKIq53hj2#0:55. Now paste that into the search bar in your Spotify app!

15. Use keyboard shortcuts to get around faster

Spotify comes with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier. Here are some of my favorites:

Ctrl-Right to go to the next track.

Ctrl-Alt-Enter to go to the artist of the selected row.

Ctrl-L to start typing in the search bar.

For more check out Spotify’s help page.

Spotify is a powerful music listening to application. Use these tips to get the most out of it!


Spotify Premium: Advantages And Disadvantages of Spotify

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service. It gives you access to millions of songs and other content from artists all over the world. Basic functions, such as playing music, are totally free. And Spotify Premium is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs without ads. So, you can choose to upgrade to Spotify Premium. Either way, you can:

  • Choose what you want to listen to with Browse and Search
  • Get recommendations from personalized features, such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix.
  • Build collections of music.
  • See what friends, artists, and celebrities listen to.
  • Create your own Radio stations.

Advantages and disadvantages of Spotify

There are several advantages and disadvantages to Spotify. Since not every user is willing to pay the monthly fee to go ad-free, It becomes a popular app for advertisers worldwide. But Spotify advertising right for your community bank? Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of advertising on it.


We are going to list the pros first.

It works on various of platforms

Spotify covers all the popular platforms that you could enjoy music on nearly all your portable devices you have, of course, including the computer. As of May 2015, Spotify is available for Android, BlackBerry, Boxee, iOS, Linux, MeeGo, Microsoft Windows desktop, Openpandora, OS X, Roku, S60 (Symbian), Samsung Smart TV, Sonos, HEOS by Denon, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Squeezebox, Telia Digital-tv, TiVo, WD TV, WebOS, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone.

Spotify has a large music catalogue

There are at least 50 million songs on Spotify. That means you’re very likely to find all, or nearly all, of the songs you could want to stream on it. It cares about your taste and helps you find new music and organize the music you love. You can build playlists that span all kinds of themes, from movie soundtracks and music festivals to party and road trip tunes. Yes, you can share it with your friends and get followers. It is definitely social-oriented.

Spotify Free and Premium

Let’s start with the fact that Spotify offers free and paid membership. Logically, with the free version, you won’t be able to enjoy many features that the Premium option offers. However, you can listen to the music you love on the go, create your own playlists, discover new music, share the music and the playlists with your friends, and more. But, if you choose to subscribe to Premium, you get to enjoy the full experience. We are going to talk about it in the section below.

Premium Features

I’ve already mentioned what to expect if you choose free version . Now, I am going to list some really cool Premium features. You can listen to the music when you are offline, access more than 30 million songs, travel to other countries with the music you love, an ad-free experience, play Spotify through your TV.

Different Spotify Premium membership plans.

Spotify offers different membership plans. You can go for an individual plan which is $9.99 per month, or you can choose a family plan that comes with a price of $14.99 which is a pretty cool deal. The great thing is that it offers a special membership plan for students, with 50% discount. In other words, if you are a student, you can go for a student membership for $4.99 per month.

Free trial

If you have been using Spotify free, or you have never used Premium before, as a first-time user of the premium service you will get a one-month free trial. The first month free goes for the individual plan. This gives you plenty of time to learn more about Spotify, see what it offers, explore all its features and then decide if you want to pay for the service every month. You can cancel your membership any time you want as there is no contract.

Use it in the web browser, your iPhone or Android device

You can use it in your web browser. If you want to listen to your favourite music when you are on the go or when travelling, you can download and install the Spotify app.

Simple to use

When it comes to Spotify, everything is so simple. You will easily find all the things you need, organize your playlists, explore new music, listen to the radio, and more. Exploring all its features and the things it offers is quite an enjoyment.

Disadvantages of Spotify

There are some cons of Spotify, but nothing that huge. Let’s see what it is.

Spotify no longer has its own lyrics feature

Many of us love reading lyrics when listening to music. Spotify had its own lyrics feature, but they decided to remove it. You can use Genius’ Behind the Lyrics if you want to know the meaning of the lyrics, and you can also use SoundHound to read see the lyrics of your favourite songs.

Available in the limited number of countries

One of the biggest flaws of many video and music streaming services is that they are available in a limited number of countries. This goes for Apple Music, Hulu, and unfortunately, it goes for Spotify as well. If you love how the story about this service sounds, make sure you can actually use it. To see the lists of countries in which Spotify is available, click on this link. Only those who see the country they live in on the list can sign up.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of Spotify. It has many perks, which is the main reason why millions of people enjoy using it.