Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019 || Top 10 New Features

Visual Studio is one of the most famous IDE’s has been using for the last few years. Microsoft developed it. It is used to create a computer program, web applications, and EXE files, etc. Microsoft launched the first version of its kind in 1997. And now the latest version available in the market is Visual Studio 2019.

Microsoft has released a new version for Visual Studio in 2019.

Visual Studio 2019
Studio 2019

What’s New in Visual Studio 2019?

Visual Studio 2019 was released on April 2nd, 2019. There are so many advanced features that Microsoft will include in this version.

So let us deep dive into these Top 10 advanced features,

New User Experienced

One major thing you’ve noticed that the new start window will appear in Visual Studio 2019. It consists, so many featured options mentioned below.

  • Check out the code
  • Create a new project
  • Create a new project
  • Open a folder

Visual Studio 2019 Live Share

Live Share is a developer service in Visual Studio 2019. This feature directly enables you to share code context and debugging process. With your teammates and get live access within Visu_al Stu_dio, like Google document services.

Using Live Share, your teammates may read, edit, debug, and navigate the developing project securely in a natural way. Moreover, this service can install by default in New Visu_al Studio 2019.

Visual Studio has Enhanced Search Experience

One of the useful features in Visual Studio 2019 is the updated search box. In a previous version, it was known as Quick Launch. However, the new search experience in Visu_al Studio 2019 is quicker and work effectively for getting the best results. This is the advanced feature in the current edition of IDE’s compared to previous versions.

The search results will show the suggestions as you type in the search box. And it will dynamically present the results. You can also use keyboard shortcuts while searching. So, this will help you remember the search queries for future use and recall.

Search Feature While in Debugging

You already know that debugging is the process to identify errors and eliminate those errors in software. Searching objects and suitable values while debugging process is very helpful for the developers.

In Visual Studio 2019, searching while debugging is added. Locals, Autos, and Watch windows used to find the values and objects. The below animation will explain the actual process of debugging the search window in VS2019.

Improved Refactoring

Refactoring in any IDE will highly helpful for developers. In Visual Studio 2019, these refactorings will come up with new advanced features. So, these will use to organize your code in a structured manner.

These refactorings will show the light bulb icon’s suggestions and contain actions like moving members. Base class and interface, changing the namespaces to suit the folder structures. For example, convert for each-loops to LINQ queries, etc.

Visual Studio IntelliCode

Intellicode is an extension in Visual Studio 2019. It enhances web application & software development using an advanced technology called Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, it provides suggestions and coding objects in the development process. Intellicode will gain its power using 2000 various open-source projects in Github to streamline and improve your coding skills.

Integrated Code Reviews in Development

Microsoft designs a brand new extension called Managed Pulled Requests(PRs). Using this extension, you can run the code and debug your team’s pull requests without quitting the Visu_al Studio Application.

Presently this feature is only available to Azure Repos, and soon you can expect support from GitHub. Want to use this extension for development, then you need to download it from Visual Studio Marketplace.

Code cleanup in One Click

A new code cleanup command in Visual Studio 2019 detects the warnings and suggestions with the one-click button. This command will help format the code and make the changes into the coding format.

It also enables to save collections of fixers as the default profile. Let’s take one example for clear understanding. Suppose you have a different dynamic set of fixers to apply before a code syntax review is to configure different profiles at various tasks.

Per Monitor Aware Rendering(PMA)

Suppose you will work with monitors installed with various type of display scale factors in previous IDE editions. These are connected remotely with a machine to show the various scale factors distinct from the primary device. Still, those results are shown blurry or render with wrong scaling factors.

But Visual Studio 2019 came up with a PMA (Per-monitor aware) application. This will show output correctly without rendering anything irrespective of the scaling factors of the display.

New Delivery Model for SQL Server Data Tools

Visual Studio supports so many programming languages, including server-side languages also. So, the SQL Server data tools (SSDT) always use to build server-side applications. The new data delivery model is available in Vis_ual Studio 2019 to develop SQL related projects. Such as server-side based applications, analysis services projects, reporting services projects, integration services projects, etc.

This delivery model will be available in the form of extensions called analysis services and integration services extensions. In previous editions, these extensions are available in the form of standalone installer type. But in the new version, these features will be directly accessible with built-in workloads of Vis_ual Studio 2019.


These advanced features in Visual Studio will enhance programmer productivity and team collaboration in software development compared to previous versions. The new user interface will allow users to build applications very effectively and enhanced search bar provides accurate results for developers while in developing the software.

The debugging is 50% faster than previous versions, highly effective search bar in the Autos, Locals, and Watch windows. After all, these advanced features in Visual Studio will significantly impact the software & application development.

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