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YouTube Premium || 5 Reasons You Should Pay for YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is YouTube’s  $12 per month ad-free streaming service. It has its own streaming service, YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red). Premium subscribers can watch videos without ads and download content for viewing offline.YouTube Premium also includes access to YouTube Originals – exclusive shows produced by the streaming service – and You-Tube Music.

YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium

Here’s what else you get with YouTube’s streaming service

  • You can open another app on your mobile device, and your YouTube video will continue to play in the background. 
  • You can download videos to watch offline later. Watch YouTube Originals, exclusive content featuring celebrity stars available for streaming through the Premium version. 
  • With your subscription to Premium, you also get access to YouTube Music Premium. This may be one of the best features of the membership. Like Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora, YouTube Music allows you to stream a wide library of music.

5 Reasons You Should Pay for YouTube Premium

1. YouTube Premium is so much better without the ads.

Most importantly, though, YouTube Premium allows you to watch all the YouTube you want without ever seeing a single damn ad. This means no ads across all YouTube apps, including the ones for your SmartTV, set-top box and smartphone. And without ads, YouTube sings with the strength of the greatest choir ever. You click on videos, and they start. No pauses, no interruptions, no nothing. Just the videos you want. It should be that simple, right?

With YouTube Premium, ad-free actually means ad-free. What do I mean? Try getting the $11.99 No Commercials package from Hulu. And watching shows such as How to Get Away With Murder and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..and you’ll see ads every time. With Premium, you won’t deal with any annoying ads. No matter where you watch YouTube, from my work computer to my Apple TV to my smartphone, I never see ads.  And you’d know if YouTube Red had any similar loopholes or exemptions AS I watch hours upon hours of content on it every week. It’s the perfect network for me, always providing enough content and never ruining it with the ad.

2. You can save videos for offline

Anyone who doesn’t have an unlimited data plan or uses a commute. That sends them on paths without cell reception knows that Save For Offline is one of the best phrases in technology. With YouTube Premium, you get a download icon below every video that you can tap to save the clip for later. You can download videos at up to 1080p resolution. This way, you can keep a handful of your favourite music videos on hand for your next dance break. You can save the video of your favourite podcasts at home. So, you’re not limited to the audio-only versions on the go.

3. You get YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music for free too

I didn’t get YouTube Premium by subscribing to it. But instead through my existing subscription to Google Play Music. The least-buzzed-about Spotify competitor, which is just as good as the industry leader or Apple Music. That’s right, all Google Play Music subscribers get YouTube Premium. All Premium subscribers get Google Play Music — and YouTube Music Premium

The Google Play Music library offers just as many songs as Spotify, plus it includes a cloud locker service. So, MP3 collectors can access their rarities anywhere, with up to 50,000 uploads. The service isn’t limited to just songs, though, as Google Play Music’s recently added podcasts. So you can pack all of your listening needs into a single app.

In fact, Google plans to bridge the gap between YouTube Premium and Google Play Music in the near future. During this session for the New Music Seminar conference in New York. YouTube’s head of music Lyor Cohen told audiences that the company is looking into “combining YouTube Premium and Google Play Music, and having one offering,” answering a question about the company’s plans to boost YouTube Premium’s popularity.

4. You can flip between apps without worry

When I’m using only my smartphone or my tablet, the odds always favour a notification popping up on my device that pulls me into my email, Twitter mentions, or texts. Without the Premium version, videos stop playing whenever I switched to a different app.

Now that I use YouTube Premium, if I’m OK with just hearing a video’s sound, it will keep playing in the background as I compose a reply. This also comes in handy with mobile games with background music I’m not fond of, as I can mute the game and have sound from YouTube blasting instead.

If names like Lilly Singh and Rooster Teeth make you want to click Subscribe or Play as fast as you can, then I’m surprised you’re not already a Premium member. These and more artists produce original content that is exclusive to the paid tier of YouTube, which means you’re not getting all of the laughs, surprises and action from these creators as possible.

This part of YouTube Premium may be changing, though. A Hollywood Reporter story credits a source familiar with YouTube’s plans with news that the company “is expected to scale back its scripted output beginning in 2020,” in conjunction with a push for ad-supported content.

What are you waiting for?

That YouTube Premium subscription isn’t going to start itself. If you’re worried about spending money accidentally, set a reminder in your calendar app for one month from today. Have it say, “is ad-free YouTube worth it?” Or “how great is it that I can keep YouTube videos for offline viewing?” By the time your month-long trial is up, you’ll know the answers, and if you’re as voracious a YouTube user as I am, you won’t have any problem letting the subscription continue.


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